Hands Down Body Therapy

Customized Therapeutic Massage/Bodywork

Benefits of Massage Therapy/ Bodywork

Hands Down Body Therapy

Benefits of Massage Therapy/ Bodywork


Induces Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Relaxation 

Calms the Nervous System

Reduces Heart Rate

Reduces Chronic Pain

Increases Blood and Lymph Circulation

Lowers Blood Pressure

Enhances Immunity 

Improves Respiration

Loosens Tight Muscles and Relieves Tired, Aching Muscles

Increases Joint Flexibility

Improves Range of Motion 

Improves Posture 

Improves the condition of the body's largest organ- The Skin 

Promotes Deeper and Longer lasting Sleep

Lessen Depression and Anxiety

Relieves Migraine Pain

Releases Endorphins- The Body's Natural Painkiller 

Greater Energy

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